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Graphics/Printing Services
Ticket design and print  Lagos


Ticket Printing Service

Eloquent Prints is a ticketing solutions provider for the Sports, Events, Travel and Entertainment industries in Nigeria. Whether you are planning a conference, a show, large event or festival, one of the most important tools concerned in terms of admission to those events is of course having Tickets. We design and print all types of tickets from raffle tickets to event ticket, bus ticket etc.

Tickets allow event organisers to effectively plan and budget towards a specific event as it indicates how many people will be attending. Many tickets nowadays, especially those for large weekend events, feature extraordinary visual appeal and make use of variable data printing (VDP). VDP is a process whereby the same ticket is mass produced, but personalised numbers or details are imprinted on each ticket as it moves through the printing press rapidly.

Tickets can feature as small as a business card, or as a large flyer that provides event information and has a perforated section that is removed by event organiser upon entry to the event.

We offer a full event branding and promotion service that includes tyvek wristband production, roll up banner printing, souvenir supply, promotional gifts production etc



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