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Signs & Signages
Signage makers in Lagos Nigeria

Road & Traffic Signs Makers in Nigeria

Eloquent Signs is the top destination for road or traffic signs in Nigeria. We make all types, shapes and size of Traffic signs in Lagos our Head Office. We can deliver road signs to any company individual or organization nationwide.

Traffic signs tell you about traffic regulations, special hazards and other road conditions, construction areas, speed limits, etc. To put it simply, traffic signals are symbolized, illustrative guidance for road users for safer and more convenient traveling. Traffic Signs can be regulatory or informative and this division reflects in the shape and color of the sign

REGULATORY SIGNS are mostly circular in shape and are of two types. Those with red & yellow circles are Prohibitive Signs. Those with blue circles but no red border are Mandatory Signs. They give positive instructions, and are regulatory signs.

INFORMATIVE SIGNS are usually rectangular in shape and provide guidance information.The stop Sign is a prohibitive sign. It is the only &sided traffic sign. It means come to a complete stop before entering. Proceed when it is safe to do so.

Our signage comes in bright colours, bold text and attractive pictographs. This is to make certain that the communication is highly visible and clearly delivered. Furthermore, we fabricate our signage and labels so that they are able to withstand harsh industrial environments.

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