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SME Consulting Services
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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property rights provide Trademark, copyright, patent, design and other protection to the owner of the brand, the inventor of a machine, the author of a book, or the writer of music somehow usually ‘owns’ their work. From this ownership, certain consequences flow and it probably have been made aware of the fact that we cannot just copy or buy a copy of works without considering the rights of actual owner.

In Eloquent, we have built a strategic network of professionals specializing in Trademark, copyright, patent and design protection. Our team of experts is efficient with the procedures for registering of trademarks with the relevant authorities and enforcement of one’s trademark. We also provide professional services to individual and corporate bodies in identifying counterfeit products, dispute resolution, enforcement of rights, resolving trade mark matters, franchising, due diligence, investigation to uncover unlawful practices e.g. unfair competition, breach etc.


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