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Marketing & Advertising
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BRT/ LagBus Advertising Agency

Are you looking to advertize on BRT or Lagbus? We can help you achieve this dream in a professional, cost efective and high-impact way. Eloquent Media is an independent multi-media planning and buying company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Ours is a one-stop-shop: we design your advert, print it out, brand it on the buses and then consult for you on the best route to reach your target audience. Don't even worry about LAASA we will take care of them at no extra cost. We handle both the body branding ad and the interior TV advert placement.

BRT/Lag bus advertising is an effective and cost efficient form of outdoor advertising that enables your business, product or event reach the urban audience. Get your message throughout the city as buses circulate the city landscape and outlying suburban areas enabling thousands of people view your message multiple times each day.

It is one aggressive marketing strategy for those hoping to rebrand businesses, launch new products, force new brands into the sub-consciousness of the average Lagosian as well as religious organisations planning a convention / revival programmes etc

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