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Web Design Services
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Software Development Nigeria

Eloquent Technologies is an ICT services firm specializing in mobile and desktop software development in Lagos, Nigeria. Whether you need a native mobile app or a mobile web application, we have the expertise to develop mobile applications with mobile-specific functionality.

We are among the nation's fastest growing ICT firms for two reasons – We have a highly talented and dedicated team focussed on delivering innovative solutions, secondly, we continually keep our clients satisfied and happy, making them our repeat customers.

Our software services ranges from Operation, Planning, Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, E-Asset Management System, E Training Management System, E Staff Management System, E Payroll Management system, E Leave Management system, Time & Attendance, Personnel, and automated Canteen management software's.

Our Target Clients are as follows: Corporate Firms, Non-Govermental Organizations, Private Companies, Government Organizations and SME's

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