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Safety Signs & Equipment
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Safety Helmets and Head Wears

Eloquent safety supplies head wears, hard hats and safety helmets in Nigeria. Hard hats are the type of PPE equipment designed to protect workers from penetration injuries, head impact and electrical injuries such as those caused by flying or falling objects, fixed objects, or contact with electrical conductors.

In many industrial working environments, for example, mining, power, construction, and forestry, the risk of head injury to workers is constantly present. The most serious risks are physical injuries, which can be as a result of the impact of a falling object or collision with fixed objects at the workplace. Due to the nature of these work activities, it is not always possible to eliminate such risks with just appropriate organisational solutions or collective protective equipment. Therefore, the only way to ensure the safety of workers is by using safety helmets.

We also offer work coveralls, safety hand gloves and other protective work wears. We supply the best brands from tested manufacturers. Should you require pricing for safety footwear, industrial workwear or personal protective equipment(PPE), please contact EloquentSafety and we will gladly provide you with a competitive quotation.

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